At Earth Up Market Garden, my mission is to deliver an abundance of food grown without the use of any chemicals, in a way that is regenerative. We can grow food whilst also feeding the soil food web and increasing bio diversity. I deliver veg boxes weekly grown by my own hand and harvested the very day they reach you.

I have partnered with a local fruit wholesaler who supplies the freshest and tastiest fruit around, coming directly from the growers on a daily basis. Though this is not grown by me or organic, everything I offer is something that I eat myself and can vouch for it's quality!


Earth Up was born from a desire to give back to the earth, rather than always taking. Though my growing over the years, I have found a way to work in harmony with nature in a symbiosis, using natures ingredients to deter and control pests as well as strengthening the soil microorganisms, fungal networks and sequestering carbon.

One of the keys to this is compost and I have established Compost Club to intercept and cycle the nutrients of what would otherwise be waste that is destined for landfill or incineration.



Earth Up Market Garden aims to make your shopping experience simple and hassle free.
For this first year I will update quantity of boxes available weekly (Friday or Saturday) and these will be available until the following week.
Long term I'll set up a subscription service as this will likely make things easier, but until I'm familiar with my quantities I don't want to risk oversubscription and disappointment.
Simply order your box and let me know where you are and I'll be in touch asap to arrange the harvest of your food and delivery to your door in as quick a time as possible to assure the freshest ingredients.

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Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4BX


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